“Lessons with Sharon is so much fun - I can't wait for my next one!”

Sarah aged 9


Get Musicool offers lessons in piano for ages 5 -16 years.

One-on-one piano lessons run for 30 minutes and accommodate absolute beginners up to intermediate level keyboard skills. Lessons are supported by the Faber Piano Adventures program, however every student is treated as an individual and lessons are paced to their unique learning style and ability.

Twice a year, students are given the opportunity to perform to friends in a relaxed and supportive setting. Performance is not mandatory but is highly recommended - and ultimately, great fun!

Get Musicool courses are guaranteed to be the most educational, most rewarding and most affordable piano lessons in Whangarei.

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Get Musicool lessons meet the objectives...

Understanding Music

Explore and share ideas about music from a range of sound environments and recognize that music serves a variety of purposes and functions in their lives and in their communities.

Developing Practical Knowledge

Explore how sound is made, as they listen and respond to the elements of music: beat, rhythm, pitch, tempo, dynamics and tone colour.

Developing Ideas

Explore and express sounds and musical ideas, drawing on personal experience, listening and imagination.

Communicating and Interpreting

Share music making with others. Respond to live and recorded music.

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